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Our specialist area

Realization and optimization of filling & packing lines

Van Uitert optimizes your production line by supplying innovative, high-quality product conveyors, product handling machines and complete line solutions.

We specialize in line integration and also offer customization: from engineering to realisation.

Realization & optimization of

Filling & packing lines

Product conveyors

Conveying systems are an indispensable link in your production process. Our experienced engineers develop the best technical solutions for efficient and reliable conveying.

Product handling

Besides product conveyors, we also supply machines specifically for your production line. Start your line with a Van Uitert robot or conventional depalletizer and end it with our end-of-line robot palletizer. Do you need your product to be processed in a specific way? Then please let us know, because we also supply custom solutions.

Complete line solutions

As a system integrator, we take responsibility for the design and installation of the entire line. If you wish, we can integrate Van Uitert equipment in combination with machines of your choice. We optimize your line based on the best possible design of the conveying systems with the right buffer capacity and speeds.

Realization and optimization of production lines. That’s what we do!

What is your product?

Each product makes specific demands on the production process and the internal conveying system. Whether it involves primary packages in glass, cans, plastic, casks or cardboard or secondary packages such as multi-packs, crates, trays or boxes.

Van Uitert offers you exactly the solution you need: from depalletizing with the desired capacity and efficiency to palletizing your specific product. Van Uitert thinks along with you: we design, produce, assemble, integrate and install the complete solution for your company!

In which sector are you active?

In which market are you active? The food industry, beverage industry, breweries, dairy industry? Is hygiene important? We offer solutions for every product in every sector.

Discover what our solutions can do for you.

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ISO 9001 & ISO 45001

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Active for over 60 years

What you can expect from us

A total solution


We deliver a total concept for your production line, from advice, development, production, assembly and integration to commissioning and maintenance. From depalletizing, conveying, filling and packing to palletizing.


We are a no-nonsense, committed organization. We keep our promises – we do what we say and we say what we do. Reliability is not just important for us as an organization, it is also a must for our products. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.


We are flexible and ideally placed to provide the best solution for your particular situation. Besides our standard solutions, we can develop and produce machines in-house entirely according to your wishes.


We deliver products with the highest possible quality and the continuity of your production process is our top priority. Our high-quality machines never disrupt your production process and always ensure that your packaging is handled optimally.

Tell us your challenge and we’d be happy to help!

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