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Product handling solutions

Product handling

Your product conveying is in good hands with us, but we can also help you if your product needs to be handled more specifically.

Start your line with our depalletizer followed by our pressure-free inliner, for example. This is the perfect combination for high volume depalletizing. We supply both a conventional depalletizer and a robot depalletizer as standard.

Do your products need to be washed or dried? We design dryers, rinsers and air cleaners that can be integrated into your production line.

Do you want to pack your product in a box, crate or tray and then palletize it with or without spacers? In that case, we can integrate our robot case packer or robot end-of-line palletizer into your line.

Do you have a special requirement? Our experienced engineering department and robot specialists would be happy to help you. We have many years of experience in developing gripper heads for picking up different product shapes.

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product handling conventional depalletizer


Regardless of which products you want to destack from a pallet, Van Uitert has the right solution for you. Our conventional depalletizer is ideal for handling glass, PET and cans. The conventional depalletizer has the advantage that the products are constrained so that they cannot fall from a pallet during the depalletizing process.

product handling robot depalletizer

Robot depalletizer

With a robot depalletizer, your products are automatically destacked from a pallet. Whatever the format or type of packaging, volume or composition of the product, Van Uitert can develop exactly the right gripper head for you.

product handling

Robot palletizer

The packaging and palletizing of products in your production line are essential and critical processes. The Van Uitert robot palletizer palletizes every conceivable stacking pattern semi-automatically or fully automatically.

product handling robot crate case packer

Robot crate/case packer

Use our robot crate/case packer for the box in an outer package or the bottle in a crate. After creating the correct formation, your product is carefully picked up and placed with precision in your secondary packaging unit. A unique machine for any product. Ask for more information about the possible options.

rinser air cleaner

Rinsers & air cleaners

We design and produce rinsers and air cleaners for rinsing or blowing out bottles, jars and cans. Depending on your layout, we recommend the most suitable version for you: an S-rinser or a C-rinser.

product dryer

Product dryers

We design and produce dryers that remove residual water and/or condensation from your products. The dryer type is geared to the product to be dried.

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