Policy statement Van Uitert B.V.

This policy statement was drawn up on behalf of Van Uitert Companies B.V. and applies to all subsidiaries, hereinafter referred to as Van Uitert Companies.

Van Uitert Companies wants to achieve a good balance between corporate social responsibility and financial return, which is a precondition for guaranteeing the continuity of the company.

Our objective is to offer the best total solution(s) in the field of internal conveying – from advice and design to commissioning and the related complementary services (including engineering, maintenance and training). Van Uitert Companies is a global player and is committed to maintaining its leading position at home and abroad.

Van Uitert Companies wants to build a sustainable relationship/partnership with all of its customers/suppliers. We do this, for example, by implementing assignments according to the agreed specifications. The importance of a good relationship with our clients is a top priority for us. In doing this, we make no concessions in terms of the safety and health of our employees or of third parties or in terms of environmental impact.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are selected on the basis of their performance and their organisation. Efficiency, quality, safety, responsible behaviour and care for the environmental play a decisive role in this.

We expect all our employees and representatives linked to van Uitert Companies to take an active stance and help uphold this policy statement.

We have formulated a number of policy areas on which we focus:


  • We make sure that all our business activities are carried out in compliance with relevant national and international laws and and regulations
  • We keep partnership and cooperation open and transparent


  • We believe in fair business practices with the focus on people and the environment
  • We advocate ethically responsible behaviour, values and standards
  • We are against bribery, fraud and corrupt practices
  • We endorse the principle of the ETI base code (see link on website)

Safety and care for people

  • We take care of the health and safety of our employees or representatives
  • By acting in accordance with a predetermined procedure and/or work instruction
  • Our employees and subcontractors are bound by these established procedures and work instructions.

Human rights

  • We offer all employees equal opportunities and fair working conditions
  • We are against forced labour and/or child labour.

Care for the environment

  • We try at all times to prevent activities related to our business operations from harming the environment
  • We make an active contribution to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • We use sustainable materials, techniques and concepts.

Training, development & innovation

  • We actively invest in education, integrity training and development
  • We are open to suggestions and listen to new ideas
  • We encourage continuous improvement and aim for a high degree of innovation.

Obligation to report suspected violations of legislation or policy

  • It is essential that every employee or representative complies with the law and with our corporate policy. Concerns and doubts about non-compliance should be reported to ensure everyone’s protection. 
  • In order to report a suspected violation, we use the working method stipulated in the Whistleblower Shelter Act (see website for further information)

In addition, our policy is aimed at preventing errors by identifying the causes of (possible) errors and eliminating them. By learning from deviations and from the response of customers to our surveys, we aim to continuously optimize the quality of our service and our QHSE care system.

We safeguard this aim by maintaining the following certificates:

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management

Every year, the concrete KAM objectives of Van Uitert Companies are reviewed by the management and adjusted, where necessary.

Dongen, 28-04-2021

On behalf of the Board

Michel de Vries, Managing Director/CFO

This Policy Statement was last modified on 28-04-2021.

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