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Pallet conveying systems

Ons palletis in diverse uitvoeringen leverbaar, ook RVS behoort tot de mogelijkheden.

Van Uitert can design and install complete systems. We can realize a fully automatic system in combination with your filling and packing line.

We build conveyor belts that can convey a wide range of products and packaging.

Find an efficient, fast and reliable solution for your conveying requirements.

Discover the conveying solution for your product.
pallet palletcontrole systeem

Pallet control system

With our pallet control system, you prevent the admission of poor-quality pallets into your system. This way, you avoid downtime due to defective pallets.


Transverse carriage

Do you have to bridge a greater distance during the logistical process and no pallets or general cargo meed to be buffered over that distance? Then a transverse carriage is the ideal option. The transverse carriage can also be used to supply empty pallets to a palletizer or robot.

palletpallet draaistation

Pallet turning station

Do you want to change the conveying direction of a pallet? The Van Uitert turntable positions the pallet in any desired direction and complies with the latest safety standards. Robust, efficient and very durable.

pallet stapelaar ontstapelaar

Pallet stacker/destacker

The pallet destacker can be integrated into your production line. Pallet stacks can be fed into the destacker using a roller belt. The sides are fitted with fall protection. Needless to say, the unit can also be used as a pallet stacker.

pallethaakse overzetter

Perpendicular converter

Zoekt u een snelle manier om de richting van het palletaan te passen? De haakse overzetter transporteert van kettingbaan naar rollenbaan en vice versa.


Pallet roller belts

Our roller belts are suitable for conveying and buffering your pallets. With maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.


Pallet chain conveyors

Heavy duty chain conveyors can convey several pallets at the same time. This is a more efficient solution for bridging long distances.


Pallet mat conveyors

Pallet webs for conveying pallet loads on slip-sheets, for example, or for use in situations where accessibility is important.

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